Sapporo Hunt – Multiplayer Kinect game @ Igloofest



Sapporo Hunt is a multiplayer kinect game developed for Sapporo at the 2016 Igloofest edition. It aims to position the brand inside a life-size arcade game that combines physicality and virtuality. In teams of 4 players, the participants stand in front a giant screen where they shoot ‘’snowballs’’ to take down moving targets. The impact of the balls that they throw is tracked by the Kinect v2 when they land on the screen.




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Super Fan – Kinect game @ Rogers cups



Super Fan is a Kinect 2.0 game created for the National Bank of Canada’s panel at the 2015 Rogers Cup. By replicating tennis moves and athletic poses, the players accumulate points and can eventually win prizes. Playmind’s role in this project was to transform a static interactive game into a Kinect version with real time movements.




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Falla @ La TOHU



La TOHU mandated Playmind to create a short architectural mapping projection for the next Falla. Inspired by the thematics of the Arabian Nights, we put up together a projection that used the circular shape of the building. A pyrotechnical show followed the video mapping projection.



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Suspended time @ Harbourfront Centre

Suspended time cover


Projected on the monumental facade of the York Quay of the HARBOURFRONT CENTRE, SUSPENDED TIME is a larger than life projection mapping project that tells a story by blurring the lines of reality creating an illusionary effect known as Augmented Cinema.



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