Suspended time @ Harbourfront Centre

Suspended time cover


Projected on the monumental facade of the York Quay of the HARBOURFRONT CENTRE, SUSPENDED TIME is a larger than life projection mapping project that tells a story by blurring the lines of reality creating an illusionary effect known as Augmented Cinema.



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Bal en Blanc 2013 @ Palais des Congrès



For the 2013 rave event, Bal en Blanc, Playmind was mandated to design the decorative scenography for two stages themed ‘magic forest’. Playmind created visuals for both the Main room and Trance room, and officially branded loops of videos to play between VJ sets.




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Nuit Blanche @ Maison du Développement Durable



Playmind, under the artistic direction of Emmanuel Sevigny, created a site specific interactive installation for Montreal’s Centre for Sustainable Development for the Montreal-based all night festival ‘En Lumiere’ and ‘Nuit Blanche’.  The multimedia installation was projected on the vegetation wall and included multisensory and immersive technologies.






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The Great Christmas Card @ Joliette



This multimedia show was designed and produced for the City of  Joliette’s annual Christmas Market.




The show includes photos and snippets of stories of Christmases past in Joliette: Christmas celebrations, legends, and oral histories. Through interactive technologies, visitors can immerse themselves in the story animated with pictures and sounds. The show’s highlight is seeing participants interact and appear in the sky, as though they are flying with angelic wings – a magical and poetic Christmas site!





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Architectophonie @ Quartier des spectacles



ARCHITECTOPHONIE is an urban obstacle course in which participants experience reactive architecture. Through the magic of video projection, architecture abandons its rigidity in favour of becoming momentarily made out of a flexible sensory material. Projections are affected by the intimate sounds that can be heard in the environment. Sounds are picked-up by smart technology such as phones and tablets and have a direct impact on the soundtrack as well as the architectural projections. The resulting experience is both intimate due to the soundscape and grandiose due to the large scale of the images projected on buildings.




Viewers find themselves in a world of realism and optical illusion, but also in a living architectural landscape that responds directly to the rhythms of the sounds made by the streets. The structural forms of the building ‘move with breath’ as though alive, even crumbling at the surface. In this surreal world, time is not linear – the past and the future meet, based solely on their existence in the same place.



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