Orica – Interactive Wall @Argenteuil Museum



Orica is an interactive wall that mixes old machine parts and interactive elements to tell the story of Orica’s Brownsburg factory throughout the years.  Visitors are sent on a trip through time, reliving the life of a factory worker through an imaginary production chain and multiple images and videos activated by simple interactions throughout the experience. This interactive experience is around 7 to 10 minutes and is part of a historic exhibition at Musée d’Argenteuil.


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The InnerFriend

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The InnerFriend is a third-person atmospheric adventure game about facing your childhood nightmares to save the child within.



Coming in 2018

Platforms : PC (Steam), Playstation, Xbox

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Ultimate Goalkeeper – VR Installation @ Saputo Stadium


Ultimate Goalkeeper offers Montreal’s Impact fans a unique VR experience where they get to play the role of the goalkeeper. Their goal is to stop as many balls as possible in a fixed amount of time with a rising difficulty depending on the number of balls stopped in a row. Scores are kept and linked to the player’s email address. Fans will have the opportunity to play Ultimate Goalkeeper and try to beat the high score during every Montreal’s Impact home game of the season.



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Videotron’s Virtual Studio – VR Installation @ Quebec’s Winter Carnaval

l'atelier virtuel 7


Videotron’s Virtual Studio offers the Quebec’s Winter Carnaval participants a unique creative mixed reality experience that combines visual arts and cutting edge technology. With Google’s VR tool, Tilt Brush, this virtual reality experience lets you create your own live 3D artwork. With a green screen setup in the activation’s igloo, the participants are inserted in their work of art. All creations are filmed, sent to the visitors and put online on a microsite (www.ateliervirtuelvideotron.com).




Arctic Panic – Multiplayer Arcade Game @ Carnaval de Québec


Arctic Panic is a life-size arcade game that PLAYMIND created for Hydro-Québec at the 2017 edition of Quebec City’s Carnaval. In this unique multiplayer experience, three players step in to control lumberjacks with oversized NES controlers and another takes hold of a Dance Dance Revolution mat to gain control of a giant ice cube. With their giant arcade controllers, the players battle each other to gather ressources. The cube can stomp the lumberjacks and they can defend themselves with their axes.