Orica – Interactive Wall @Argenteuil Museum



Orica is an interactive wall that mixes old machine parts and interactive elements to tell the story of Orica’s Brownsburg factory throughout the years.  Visitors are sent on a trip through time, reliving the life of a factory worker through an imaginary production chain and multiple images and videos activated by simple interactions throughout the experience. This interactive experience is around 7 to 10 minutes and is part of a historic exhibition at Musée d’Argenteuil.


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O.N.E. Event @ Biosphère, Montreal



Playmind produced an event for an exhibition at the Biosphère.




For the cocktail event we produced a performance with a multi-image projection show. The exhibition O.N.E. | Outfits from a New Era, exhibited 16 outfits made entirely from mass consumption waste. The unique exhibition gave viewers an opportunity to see waste and fashion from a different angel; creations were made from materials ranging from car parts, batteries, salmon skins, electronic waste and other waste from our contemporary society. The event also had art videos and music made by Canadian artists.





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A shadow at the window @ FNC



A six-storey building on the Place des festivalsin downtown montreal has been the scene of A shadow at the window in october 2010. This semi-choreographed architectural work — featuring clips from the festival’s official selection projected onto the brick and glass façade — has been run for the entire ten days of the festival.





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