Playbox indoor product picture

The Playbox is an immersive and interactive game platform

Play with your friends and family (or against them) on a giant LED screen by hitting targets and reaching high scores.

It is fun, collaborative and mostly competitive!

The Playbox comes with 12 games available at the press of a button. We commit to deliver new games every year so you can provide new content to your customers. The Playbox never gets old!

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Tim Hortons’ Face Off Challenge @ Montréal en Lumière

New Tim Hortons and Playbox


The Tim Hortons Face Off Challenge is a giant ball game where players throw hockey pucks on a giant LED screen to try to score as many goals as possible in a short amount of time. The goalie moves around to block the pucks and targets giving more points when hit appear on screen during the match. The game keeps the player’s team name and score and lists them in a leaderboard that can be updated daily, weekly or monthly. This installation was set up for the Montréal en Lumière festival in 2019 and 2020.




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Videotron’s Flamants dans le Tapis @Beach Club

Flamants dans le tapis - Vidéotron


Flamants dans le Tapis is an installation that offered the visitors of the renown Beach Club the opportunity to test their skills by throwing balls at a big LED screen to try to make as many points as possible. The players had to hit the flamingos to make points and the birds would change color depending on the amount of time spent on screen (the sun would burn them after a while and the players would lose points).

Scores were kept on a leader board and the players could name their team and challenge each other to beat the high score. The booth was designed as a packaged installation inside a container.


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Ultimate Goalkeeper VR Hockey @Videotron Center



Ultimate Goalkeeper Hockey offers Quebec’s Rempart fans a unique VR experience where they get to play the role of the goalkeeper. Their goal is to stop as many pucks as possible in a fixed amount of time with a rising difficulty depending on the number of balls stopped in a row.

Scores are kept and linked to the player’s email address. Fans will have the opportunity to play Ultimate Goalkeeper and try to beat the high score during every Quebec’s Rempart home game of the season.



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Chop Your Log – Giant Arcade Game @Quebec Winter Carnival

title buche ta buche


Chop Your Log, flagship installation of the Quebec Winter Carnival and the property of the Jos’ Camp (VIDÉOTRON), is a giant arcade game that is played in teams of one to 10 players and which puts forward a unique interface. This competitive and challenging game invites participants to chop as many logs as possible in a limited time to score a maximum amount of points and reach the daily leaderboard. Developing tailor-made Carnival identity, we used our laser technology and fake foam axes to offer a unique experience that blends the virtual with the real.



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