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We propose for the corridor a unified panoramic image with 4 video projectors. The projector will be synchronized and juxtaposed to give a long visual fresco composed of a mixture of synthetic 3D imagery, photographs, videos (captured by the alcove 1) and texts (captured by the alcove 2). In a waltz images floating in a 3D space, the photos will merge together to create a map of the Americas.


We may observe the surnames with their places of origin. We may also find short texts, words, symbols composing a poetic scenography about French America. These data flow, merge, will show geographical forms across the screen scenic corridor.


Cameras (3) (motion capture) will detect the presence of visitors and trigger videos that follow the visitors in their travels along the fresco. Thanks to the tiny cameras and digital imaging software together, it will be able to position some images seen by visitors along the fresco. The visitor will have playful contact with multimedia content.




For alcoves, we propose a unified interactive experience in the form of a digital jukebox. The interfaces are all similar but have different functions. In the alcove 1, visitors record video clips. In the alcove 2, they listens and record audio files and in the alcove 3, they wrote their name and place it on a map.

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