Videotron’s Virtual Studio – VR Installation @Quebec Winter Carnival

Videotron’s Virtual Studio – VR Installation @Quebec Winter Carnival

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Videotron’s Virtual Studio offers the Quebec’s Winter Carnaval participants a unique creative mixed reality experience that combines visual arts and cutting edge technology. With Google’s VR tool, Tilt Brush, this virtual reality experience lets you create your own live 3D artwork. With a green screen setup in the activation’s igloo, the participants are inserted in their work of art. All creations are filmed, sent to the visitors and put online on a microsite (




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CLIENT: Vidéotron
COORDINATION: Valentine Hinfray & Laszlo Ricciardi @ PLAYMIND
VR SETUP: Gabriel Côté-Moisescu @ PLAYMIND
MICROSITE AND WEB SETUP: Jonathan Hershon & Christophe Marois @ Deux Cinq Trois