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Led by a mysterious Shadow, face fears and nightmares inhabiting its materialized subconscious universe. Diving into a unique and eerie world, relive the Shadow’s childhood memories, collecting them to restore what was once its safe haven. Journey always deeper through the subconscious, unravel a rich but wordless story and encounter gruesome beings, whom it is necessary to escape. Ultimately, however, you have to face them. The Inner Friend features a rich visual environment, supported by an immersive soundscape and a cinematic soundtrack enhancing immersion and emotional moments. Movement, imagery, and music are the main ways for the player to interact with the Shadow, their guide throughout the descent. Dark, scary and mysterious, the world of The Inner Friend is a surrealist representation of memories and fears.


Emmanuel Sévigny founded PLAYMIND in 2002. Since then, the studio has been creating state of the art AR, VR and interactive installations as well as digital environments and event-based games. Emmanuel had always dreamed of making his own video game, and when he finally decided to put his ideas to the test, The Inner Friend was born. PLAYMIND has now been working on the project for 2 years.


  • IMMERSIVE STORYTELLING : Immerse yourself in a visually-driven narrative with a minimalist interface
  • AN EERIE ADVENTURE : Journey through a surreal world inspired by childhood nightmares and psychology
  • DIVERSE GAMEPLAY MECHANICS : Overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and defeat nightmarish foes
  • RECONNECT WITH YOUR INNER CHILD : Earn the Shadow’s trust to unlock new challenges and pieces of the story
  • COLLECT ALL ARTIFACTS : Rebuild the Shadow’s safe haven to save him from his darkest fears


The Inner Friend - PAX East Trailer YouTube

The Inner Friend - Teaser Trailer Vimeo


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of "Best In Show Game Award" at Montreal's Independant Games Festival" Montreal, November 19th, 2017
  • "Second place for the "Narrative Design Award" at Montreal's Independant Games Festival" Montreal, November 19th, 2017

Selected Articles

  • "The game has a lot of personality and is unlike anything I’ve experienced before."
    - Jessica Meno, MonsterVine
  • "This is a game that soars when its horror elements are wedded to it’s quiet, contemplative moments."
    - Logan Wilkinson, Irrational Passions

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PLAYMIND is a gaming and digital media studio that has an accurate perception of the ever-changing digital culture. For more than 15 years, PLAYMIND has been specializing in the design and development of digital media. The studio combines strategic analysis and prototypes using cutting edge technologies to create strong immersive experiences. PLAYMIND focuses on mobile, VR, AR, console and event-based video games, on digital interactions and immersive environments for advertising, museums, events, world fairs and performances. PLAYMIND is developing its first IP console game called The Inner Friend, planned to be released in 2018.

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The Inner Friend Credits

Emmanuel Sévigny
Founder, CEO, Creative Director

Sabrina Calvo
Artist, Main Writer

Laszlo Ricciardi
Production Coordinator, Game Designer

Julien Derveeuw
Lead Programmer

Eddie Barreau
Gameplay Programmer

Steven Cheung
VFX Artist

Nora Said-Abdessameud
Lighting/Texture Artist

Emmanuel Streicher-Létourneau

Jenick Huo
3D Artist

Camil Saint-Pierre
3D Artist

Clément Tanguy
Level Artist

Gabriel Côté-Moisescu
VR Programmer

Médéric Ellul
Marketing, PR

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