Design, production, operation


Our Services

Our studio offers turnkey immersive and interactive experiences catered to your needs. Whether you need our expertise from start to finish or at key milestones along the way, you can count on our multidisciplinary team to design, produce and even operate innovative entertainment solutions.

Leveraging our 20 years of experience, we tap into our best-in class knowledge of technology combined with a vast array of tools to develop and deploy cutting-edge games and attractions for customers and brands around the world. Whether you are an FEC, an amusement park, a water park, a cruise line, a museum, a world fair, an event, an advertising agency, or a brand looking for an activation, we are the best partner for you. So let’s play.


It all starts with assessing your business’s needs to ensure the very best ROI. Our creative team then takes it from there, designing best-in class entertainment solutions that will highly entertain your clientele.

—Need assessment


—Art direction

—Project planning and oversight

—Technical R&D

—Technological prototyping

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From the get go we have the end product in sight. Having established the concept, the technology and the master planning, our producers and project managers leverage their expertise to ensure the final experience ends up being as amazing as it was designed.

—Project planification and oversight


—Technology development

—Quality control

—Shipping and installation

—Training and support

—Maintenance and upgrades


Beyond the last stages of design and production, you can continue to count on us. Whether you want support during your own operations of the games and attractions, or want us to partner with you to run them, we’ll be there for you.

—Full location management

—Revenue sharing partnerships

—Continuous training and customer support

—Data and analytics monitoring (KPI)

—Marketing and communications support