We are happy to introduce the Playbox, a new generation of digital carnival games suitable for the amusement industry in particular family entertainment centers, trampoline parks and other Location Based Entertainment (LBE) locations.

The Playbox is available in different formats to attend to more segments of the market. Whether mobile, indoor or outdoor the Playbox takes to where the action is. 

Players on the Playbox have fun with physical interaction by throwing projectiles at moving targets on specially designed games displayed on large LED screens. This interactive attraction, will bring a touch of novelty, fun, engagement and replay to amusement centers.

Formats of the Playbox


Designed for FECs and indoor venues.


Designed for mobility, indoor or outdoor for events, party equipment rental, festivals and carnivals.


Oversized version, designed for amusement parks and outdoor venues. The original Playbox with the largest LED screen available in a container.

Multiple games, maximum fun

The Playbox comes with a variety of games available through our cloud based operating system. PLAYMIND commits to deliver new games every year to renew players’ interest and so the Playbox never gets old!

There are 12 games in the Playbox catalogue and three others are on the way.

Play physical

At PLAYMIND, we believe that an out-of-home experience should not only be fun but physical as well (without being exhausting)!

We design our games to keep players of all ages mentally and physically engaged.

Bring competition with the leaderboard

The Playbox leaderboard displays the top ten highest scoring teams, It can be used for local tournaments and it can encourage replay. The Leaderboard and the Playbox operating system allow for tournaments with various locations.

The Playbox can take competition to the next level.

Management and operational tool

The Cloud Based POP is the brain of the system. This is the heart of the interaction between the game content and the Playbox unit. It is also in constant communication with our Tech support to ensure proper operations and prevent downtime.

The Playbox Online Platform (or POP) is an ecosystem that brings together different components such as :

  • Management portal : manage one or multiple units through the dashboard with analytics, your library, your unit section, the support section and the store. 
  • Supplier portal : for PLAYMIND to add games and software updates
  • Tablet app:  manage the operations that take place directly on the physical Playbox. It is the tool that the operator uses to launch the games.

Licensing models: pick and choose

Playmind has two different licensing models that fit any operator’s needs. First model is a prepaid game license that enables operators to choose the games they want and operate and the second model is having all games available and only paying for the number of games played.

Any licensing model is reasonably priced so it is not a burden on operators. Licensing fees are reinvested to produce new games so the Playbox is always generating revenues.

Having installed the Playbox in several locations and seen the dazzling engagement of players, I am convinced that the Playbox is an important product for entertainment centers that wish to offer an engaging and appealing experience and increase their revenues.

Emmanuel Sévigny


If you would like more information about the Playbox, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department or give us a call at  +1.514.845.6555 EXT 712

About us

PLAYMIND is an award-winning entertainment studio in Montreal with its finger on the pulse of an ever-changing digital landscape.

Over the last 17 years, the studio delivered turnkey projects from conception to operation to connect people and spread fun all around the world.

We are recognized for our expertise in video game production, interactive public art, digital scenography and creation of immersive and interactive installations.

Our mission is to develop and deploy innovative entertainment solutions.